Supervisor: Prof. Maurilio Marcacci. Dal 1993 al 1998 è assistente a tempo indeterminato presso divisione di ortopedia e traumatologia Ospedale Polispecialistico di Anzio. An anterior capsulectomy extended to the entire lateral compartment was performed. A pilot study for treatment of jumper's knee, Intraoperative evaluation of total knee replacement: Kinematic assessment with a navigation system, A simulation environment for estimation of the performance of RSA cages, Precision assessment of model-based RSA for a total knee prosthesis in a biplanar set-up, Double-Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: The Italian Experience, A NEW DYNAMIC RSA SET-UP FOR 3D JOINT MOTION ANALYSIS, Radiostereometric measurement of polyethylene deformation pattern in meniscal bearing TKR at 5 years follow-up, Double-bundle ACL reconstruction: Influence of femoral tunnel orientation in knee laxity analysed with a navigation system - An in-vitro biomechanical study, ST/G ACL reconstruction: double strand plus extra-articular sling vs double bundle, randomized study at 3-year follow-up: ST/G ACL reconstruction, Recurrence of varus/valgus defonnity after TKR at 3 years' follow-up, Revisiting open capsuloplasty for the treatment of anterior shoulder instability: 35-year follow-up of the Du Toit procedure, A new dynamic RSA set-up for joint kinematics analysis, Neoligamentization process of BTPB used for ACL graft: Histological evaluation from 6 months to 10 years, Pathophysiology of the patello-femoral instability, Polyethylene mobility and deformation in a mobile bearing prosthesis design — Roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis at 4 years, Changes in knee motion over the first 3 years with a mobile-bearing prosthesis, The distal tibiofibular syndesmosis during passive foot flexion. Plastic deformation and wear of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) insert have been pointed out as major issues relating to the long-term stability of an orthopaedic implant. are not completely reparable, because of their size and retraction. Un campo che ha destato il mio interesse e che sta portando ottimi risultati clinici è quello…. This paper describes a modification of the Elmslie-Trillat procedure that is usually performed in severe cases of habitual or recurrent patellar instability. Elbow braces are generally preferred over casts, because they are more comfortable for the patients and more practical for the caregivers. between February 1996 and March 2003 with a mean follow-up of 60months to assess the efficiency of unicompartmental knee Several ceramic hydroxyapatite (HA)... Multi-principal-element (TiZrNbHfTa)N and (TiZrNbHfTa)C coatings were deposited on Ti6Al4V alloy by co-sputtering of Ti, Zr, Nb, Hf and Ta metallic targets in reactive atmosphere. Radial head prostheses have been developed to decrease the possible complications following radial head resection surgery. The fundamental elements of tissue regeneration are cells, biochemical signals and the three-dimensional microenvironment. Alessandro Caprio - Chirurgo Ortopedico, Roma. NdFeB permanent magnets are implanted close to biomimetic... Calcium phosphate (CaP) coatings are commonly employed to improve the bioactivity of bone and dental metal implants, due to the chemical–physical similarity with the mineral phase of bone, envisaged to enhance the integration with the surrounding bone tissue. The lesion had a slow but constant growth leading to internal calcifications. It is common practice to implement the elastoplastic Oliver and Pharr (OP) model to investigate the spatial and temporal variations of mechanical properties of engineered bone. However, a long-standing problem in the use of these conventional scaffolds lies in the impossibility of re-loading... We performed a retrospective clinical and radiographic evaluation of 83 nonconsecutive patients operated in our institute Chiudendo questo banner, scorrendo questa pagina o cliccando qualunque suo elemento acconsenti all'uso dei cookie. la presa in carico del paziente sottoposto a intervento ortopedico alessandro mosca infermiere ortopedia bassini obiettivo obiettivo fornire conoscenze in merito al paziente ortopedico e nella gestione infermieristica nell'immediato post-operatorio. Three-part and four-part fractures represent a share of 13–16 % of the total amount of proximal humerus fractures. In the described approach, biomineralized-collagen biomaterial functions as a scaffold and provides biochemical stimuli for tissue regeneration. Alessandro CENCI - Chirurgia Mininvasiva dell'Avampiede. In both cases, results can be frustrating: physical therapy is often not sufficient to gain functional range of motion, and after surgical release it is common to lose part of the motion gained in operating room. Ceramic coatings are increasingly used for orthopaedic implants to improve the wear resistance and to enhance the integration into bone tissue, resulting in the long-term stability of the implant. Alessandro ha indicato 3 esperienze lavorative sul suo profilo. This defect needs to be treated in order to restore the limb function. Nanotechnology and Nanomaterial for Orthopaedic application. Braces can be effective devices in different phases of elbow rehabilitation, and their use, especially if integrated with other modes of physical therapies, can improve the recovery in many elbow disorders. To boost osseointegration, the ideal implant material should exhibit composition and structure similar to those of biological apatite. All rights reserved. mortality rate was 20.8% in women, and 30.9% in men. He conducts research at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute and at the University of Bologna as part of the Nanotechnology for bone and osteochondral regeneration and for the development of wear-resistant prosthetic materials. L’ortopedico: «L’artrosi del Pontefice è recente. Hydroxyapatite (HA) is the most suitable bioactive ceramic to be used in orthopaedic reconstruction since it replicates the mineral component of the hard tissues, and it has therefore excellent biocompatibilit... Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. Il Dr. Alessandro Cenci è un Medico-Chirurgo specializzato in Chirurgia mini invasiva dell'avampiede (chirurgia percutanea). On t... Elbow stiffness is poorly tolerated because of the lack of compensatory motions in adjacent joints. A new approach to overcome this detrimental issue is here presented: zirconia (ZrO2) thin films were directly deposited onto the surface of UHMWPE by Pulsed Plasma Deposition (PPD) technique. S... Deposition of nanostructured and low-wear zirconia (ZrO2) thin films on the metallic component of a total joint implant is envisaged to reduce wear of the soft ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) counterpart. Dottore Alberto Girotto POLICLINICO "ABANO TERME" Abano Terme (PD) Tel.049.8221273 049.8221211 Chirurgia Protesica Robotica ed Artroscopica del Ginocchio Aiuto Primario U.F. Bologna. Sorry, you need to be a researcher to join ResearchGate. The pathogenesis is multifactorial including capsular redundancy, significant trauma or repetitive microtrauma. The levels of the coagulation inhibitors antithrombin III and pr... Four hundred ninety-three patients aged > 65 years with proximal femur fractures were examined to assess the mortality rate within 1 year postoperatively. 06 61245329. The primary function of the elbow is to position and stabilize the hand in space. Following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with the middle third part patellar tendon, the graft undergoes histological rearrangement due to biomechanical action, which transforms it into a structure similar to the normal ACL. Due to our privacy policy, only current members can send messages to people on ResearchGate. Viale di Villa Massimo, 37, Roma. The increasing use of piezosurgery is based on its clinical advantages such as selective cutting, precision, and low-temperature work rates. Here we report the deposition at room temperature of Ag thin films by pulsed electron ablation, the films thickness ranging... Nanoindentation has been emerging as a powerful tool for the investigation of the quality of bone tissue, as it allows to relate compositional/structural heterogeneity to mechanical variations at the micro-and nano-scale. We retrospectively reviewed 57 consecutive patients with humeral diaphyseal nonunion treated by internal fixation combined with cortical allo... Irreparable rotator cuff tears are infrequent but well defined lesions consisting of massive or not rotator cuff tears that Dal  2010 al 2012 è direttore responsabile UOC ortopedia e traumatologia al Policlinico Casilino. Within the inhomogeneous group of patients, mortality was significantly higher in patients with poor mental status, wit... A xanthoma, located in the ulna, not accompanied by the traditional cutaneous and tendinous manifestations (xanthoma and xanthelasma) and with a late onset of alterations in lipid values, was diagnosed in a 56-year-old man. The true incidence... We reviewed our experience in the surgical treatment of 12 cases of proximal ulna nonunion. di Chirurgia del Ginocchio ed Artroscopia del Policlinico di Abano Terme, é attualmente collaboratore del Dr. Roberto Nardacchione. Many surgical approaches have been described in the treatment of distal humerus fractures. Methods Five fresh frozen cadaver specimens were dissected under arthroscopy. Registered office, Administration, Codivilla-Putti Research Centre, Outpatients' clinic: via di Barbiano, 1/10 - 40136 BolognaHospital: via G.C.Pupilli, 1 - 40136 Bologna ~ Tax code number and VAT number 00302030374E-Mail: ~ Certified Mail, Medical Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery, Register of the Orthopaedic Prosthetic Implants, Laboratory of Biomechanics and technology innovation. The formation of osteoid osteoma with a radiographic picture similar to that of osteophytes or exostosis has been previously documented only rarely. In the last years the technique has improved, becoming much more standardized and reproduci... Introduction: Chronic elbow instability is a disable complication. Several surgical options have been described to treat this difficult condition, but results are equivocal. The etiopathogenesis of Sapho syndrome is still not clearly defined: some... We studied the plasma levels of coagulation inhibitors, of fibrinolysis and PDGF-AB, in patients with aseptic loosening of the hip replacement. Dal 2007 e ancora oggi è consulente traumatologo del Prof. P.P. He’s the author of 36 publications in international print journals. The authors applied this concept to a new operative field, the foot and ankle pa... A novel compound consisting of a zirconium phosphate-glycinediphosphonate (ZPGly) has recently been introduced. Metro Piazza Bologna. 06 330941 Sports traumatology, bone and cartilage reconstruction, arthroscopic surgery, surgical prosthetic knee and hip. The risk factors that are most often associated with death were identified. We performed intraoperative kinematic measurements using a navigation system to study knee kinematics before and after posterior substituting rotating platform total knee arthr... Roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis (RSA) is an important technique for in vivo evaluation of joint kinematics and surgical outcome. Consultant in Orthopaedic Surgery, II Clinic of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Centro prenotazioni – Tel. From March 22nd, 2006, he had a contract for professional services at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, where he performed assistencial activities at the III Clinical of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Department directed by Prof. M.Marcacci, and research activities at the Biomechanics Laboratory directed by Prof. M.Marcacci. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Alessandro ha indicato 12 esperienze lavorative sul suo profilo. Despite the remarkable improvements in the surgical treatment of distal humerus fractures, they still remain one of the most demanding procedures in elbow surgery. Nato a Roma nel 1953, laureato in Medicina e Chirurgia, specialista in Ortopedia, attualmente Dirige la Struttura Complessa di Ortopedia e Traumatologia presso l’Ospedale Cristo Re, Roma e presso la Casa di Cura Paideia. Arthroscopy has already shown its usefulness in all the joints, by improving the visual field of the joint surface with a minimally invasive surgical approach. In particular, nowadays, critical size defects rely on the engineering of scaffolds that are 3D structural supports, allowing cellular infiltration and subsequent integration with the native tissue. old in order to assess mortality rate in the year after surgery and risk factors associated. The purpose of this prospective randomized study was to compare the clinical, instrumental and X-ray outcome of two ACL reconstruction tec... We assessed 30 patients with a cemented TKR implant (Interax ISA, Stryker Orthopaedics) at 1 and 3 years follow-up. Alessandro Gasbarrini Bone metastases are only apparently similar lesions, considering the large varieties of istotypes and the spread of the primary tumour. After failed conventional management of JOCD, a 13-year-old patient undergoes intra-articular MSC therapy. The high incidence of recurrent tendon tears after repair of massive cuff lesions is prompting the research of materials aimed at mechanically or biologically reinforcing the tendon. It is a rare disease, with a benign prognosis; at the osteoarticular level it is painful and is characterized by episodes of arthritis of an intermittent and at times disabling nature. Braces can be effective devices in different phases of elbow rehabilitation, and their use, especially if integrated with other modes of physical therapies, can improve the recovery in many elbow disorders. Dal 1984 al 1987  è studente interno presso la “Unita’ Trapianti d’Organo” della Seconda Clinica Chirurgica del Policlinico Umberto 1° di Roma. Dal 1998 al 2009 è dirigente medico 1° livello UOC in ortopedia e traumatologia presso l’Ospedale Sandro Pertini. Plate fixation with cortical allograft struts has been used at our Institute for decades to treat aseptic shaft nonunion. Quartiere Nomentano. Aim Villa Stuart in Roma. Il ginocchio è un'articolazione mobile e complessa che viene continuamente sottoposta a forze che si esprimono su più piani, inducendo a sollecitazioni... La caviglia è un'articolazione dell'arto inferiore stabilizzata, come ogni articolazione, da alcuni legamenti. The occurrence of heterotopic ossifications constitutes a rare but possible complication in knee arthroplasty surgery. It is extremely important to preserve the meniscus as much as possible to avoid degenerative knee joint progression. 06 330945100. 2006). Supervisor: Prof. PG Marchetti. Protective hard films on soft inorganic/organic substrates are appealing for several technological applications like solar cells, organic electronics, fuel cells, etc. 985 likes. Viene curata con antinfiammatori o cortisone», Via delle Calasanziane, 25 – Roma A biplanar setup would theoreti... To determine polyethylene deformation in well-functioning meniscal bearing PCL-retaining total knee prosthesis a quantitative stereophotogrammetric analysis was carried out over 5 years' follow-up. There has been controversy and disagreement about the results reported in the literature. In this work we present our case series of 28 elbow prostheses in sequelae of trauma, discussing the specific aspects and factors... Proximal humerus fractures represent about 5 % of all fractures, and recent studies show that their incidence in the population over 75 years rises exponentially, with a probable increase of 250 % in the next 30 years. Osteochondritis dissecans of the capitellum is a disabling condition affecting mostly young patients practicing sports activities. In joint arthroplasty one of the main issues related to the failure of prosthetic implants is due to the wear of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) component. the splints or casts commonly used years ago. Its main advantage is that markers do not need to be attached to the implants as traditional marker-based RSA requires. In this work nanostructured silver is deposi... Purpose Piezoelectric and ultrasonic vibrations have been used to cut tissues for three decades, in particular, in periodontics. In case of degenerative disease or lesion, bone tissue replacement and regeneration is an important clinical goal. Review of the literature and proposal of an all-inclusive classification system, Coronoid reconstruction with an osteochondral radial head graft, Elbow Arthroscopy: General Setup, Portal Options and How to Manage a Complete Elbow Investigation, Le protesi di gomito negli esiti traumatici, Surgical Approaches Based on Fracture Patterns, Radial head replacement with unipolar and bipolar SBi system: A clinical and radiographic analysis after a 2-year mean follow-up, Decellularized Human Dermis to Treat Massive Rotator Cuff Tears: In Vitro Evaluations, L’instabilità multidirezionale della spalla, Human dermal matrix scaffold augmentation for large and massive rotator cuff repairs: Preliminary clinical and MRI results at 1-year follow-up, Mobilization brace in post-traumatic elbow stiffness, Sterno clavicular joint dislocation: A case report of a surgical stabilization technique, Humeral shaft aseptic nonunion: treatment with opposite cortical allograft struts, Le rotture irreparabili della cuffia dei rotatori, Surgical treatment of proximal ulna nonunion, New perspectives in rotator cuff tendon regeneration: review of tissue engineered therapies, Experimental study of different arthroscopic rotator cuff repair techniques, Algorithm for the treatment of calcific tendinitis in the rotator cuff: indications for arthroscopy and results in our experience, Deep peroneal nerve paresis in a runner caused by ganglion at capitulum peronei: Case report and review of the literature, Heterotopic ossifications subsequent to knee arthroplasty, Osteoid osteoma simulating an osteocartilaginous exostosis, Fattori prognostici e mortalità nelle fratture del collo del femore dell’anziano, The treatment of bone defects in primary arthroplasty of the knee, Hyperostosis and osteitis in Sapho syndrome: conservative or surgical treatment, Plasma levels of coagulation inhibitors, fibrinolytic markers and platelet-derived growth factor-AB in patients with failed hip prosthesis, Relationship between mortality and proximal femur fractures in the elderly, Xanthoma of Bone: First Sign of Hyperlipidemia Type IIB, Closed-wedge tibial osteotomy: Conventional technique versus a new system of compression-dynamic fixation, Mucous cysts of bone communicating with the joint cavity, Lumbar intraspinal mucous cyst: case report, Radial Head Prosthesis: Surgical Trips and Tricks, Department of Conservative Surgery Orthopedic and Innovative Techniques, Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche di Base, Neuroscienze e Organi di Senso (SMBNOS), Complex Structure: 3rd Orthopaedic and Traumatologic Clinic, Complex Structure: Spine Surgery Prevalently Oncologic and Degenerative, Department of Radiological, Oncological and Pathological Sciences. Questo sito utilizza cookie, anche di terze parti, per assicurarti servizi in linea con le tue preferenze. An analysis shows that the use of cement represents the most unfavorable method from a mechanical point of view and it should thus be limite... Sapho syndrome is characterized by synovitis, acne, pustulosis, hyperostosis and osteitis. Being able to classify elbow stiffness can help in planning treatment. Rotator cuff tear arthropathy (RCTA) includes a wide spectrum of clinical signs and symptoms caused by the contemporary presence of three main features: rotator cuff insufficiency, degenerative changes of the glenohumeral joint, and superior migration of the humeral head. Alessandro Are Nel 1980 consegue la Maturita’ Scientifica presso “ La Scuola d’Italia ” del consolato italiano degli Stati Uniti a New York. Nel corso degli ultimi dieci anni si è rapidamente perfezionata e oggi vengono comunemente eseguiti per via artroscopica interventi un tempo considerati eseguibili solo con tecnica a cielo aperto. Sono Alessandro Civani, medico chirurgo specializzato nelle patologie di ginocchio, caviglia e piede di cui eseguo interventi di chirurgia protesica e artroscopica. Alessandro RUSSO of Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Bologna (IOR) | Read 85 publications | Contact Alessandro RUSSO Sixteen patients, implanted with Duraco... To prospectively evaluate the mosaicplasty technique for treatment of femoral condyle cartilage lesions (Outerbridge grade IV) less than 2.5 cm2 in homogeneous group of young active patients. The treatment of these rare fractures is challenging: small and often impacted articular fragments must be reduced through extensile approaches and fixed with small screws countersunk beneath the joint surface. The mathematical prediction of cell proliferation in porous scaffold still remains a challenge. The use of ceramic coatings to improve mechanical, chemical, and biological properties of a large variety of materials including polymers and metals has often produced technologically attractive as well as problematic surfaces to study, because of their complicate morphology compared to smooth surfaces obtained, for example, by atomistic processes.... Hallux rigidus, Latin for Stiff Toe, is characterized by an osteoarthritic degeneration of the articular surfaces of the first metatarsophalangeal joint. In the recent years, considerable improvements have come in biomechanical knowledge about the role of elbow stabilizers. However, the viscoelastoplastic (VEP) model may be preferred being envisaged to provide additional insights into the regeneration process, as it allows evaluating also the v... Due to poor mechanical properties and brittleness of bioactive glasses, the deposition of bioactive glass coatings on bioinert metallic implants for bone regeneration is a promising route to combine the high bioactivity of the glassy phase with the mechanical strength of metallic substrate. Anyway, uncertainties about both nomenclature and classification still exist in the def... Background: Only verified researchers can join ResearchGate and send messages to other members. Twenty-eight patients underwent the conventional technique and 31 patients underwent a closed-wedge osteotomy using a new osteotomy cutting jig and compression-dynamic fixation. The present work aims to evaluate the mobility of the polyethylene bearing in 25 patients implanted with a mobile-bearing PCL-retaining TKR (Interax ISA, Striker Howmedica) under in vivo, weight-bearing conditions over 3 years' follow-up. The PIN innervates the supinator and the extensor muscles of the wrist and the... Introduction However, other facto... Purpose: Thin films annealed at 400°C exhibited composition and crystallinity degree very close to those of biogenic apatite; this affinity is crucial for obtaining faster os... Clinical advantages of piezosurgery have been already proved.

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