It is produced in batches of 1,250 bottles at a time. But don’t be fooled, it’s a gin packed full of flavour – simple, yet complex. Average price: $31. Consisting of a malt wine base, jenever would put hair on your chest, or knock your socks off, or any other expression you want to use to describe the gnarly, overpowering flavor. It cries out for a splash of vermouth and the expression of a lemon twist in a classic dry Martini. It’s powerful, delicious and highly sought after. Edinburgh Gin Lemon and Jasmine Gin. This gin includes a “three-phase” juniper process. There have been many different types of gin distilled over the years, some which stick with the classic juniper infusion while others mix and range of botanicals such as angelica root, berries, rose and other exotic fruits. The Best Wines to Serve at Thanksgiving. There isn’t an exact amount of time which the botanicals need to be steeped in the base spirit — some distillers let botanicals steep for a few days while others distill it within hours. The whole brand story is pretty fascinating and you can read more here. Originally used for medicinal purposes, gin has now become one of the best loved alcoholic spirits around due to its aromatic blend of juniper berries and other botanicals. Average price: $38. Juniper is added for three days into the base spirits, adding more flavor after it macerates. Fords Officers Reserve is “over-proofed” aka “Navy Strength” gin, meaning it will put a little hair on your chest when you drink it. The palate skews slightly sweet, with brambly berry notes mixing with lemon balm. A gin with history, this sprit was provided to Her Majesty’s Royal Navy since 1863. The African botanicals give these flavoursome gins a unique taste and the bottle looks very sleek and sophisticated if you're after a gift. Only one is American made. Use it to add a kick to your Negroni, stick it in your G&T, or serve ice cold in an overproof Martini — if you dare. Victory Gin Inspired by George Orwell’s novel 1984 and cold-distilled by booze aficionado Max Chater, this super small-batch creation is a gin … Zing 72 … Read my review of Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, Country: Australia Price: £35 ABV: 41.8% Buy at Gin Kiosk. It makes a great gift for gin lovers too, as they probably haven’t tried this imported gin yet. Gin and Tonic –  Technically, this is a highball with its two ingredients and the most popular, recognizable and hardest to screw up drink in the gin world. And since gin was already popular with the British Royal Navy, sailors started adding it to the tonic water for more flavor. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Nestled in the wilderness of a 19th Century farm in Dala, Sweden, the distillery was launched in 2012 by Jon Hillgren. By Lauren Hubbard Sep 16, 2019 Courtesy of Tanqueray, Monkey 47, Roku Gin, Hendrick's Gin When it comes to the big name spirits, there may … I have been writing and speaking about wines and spirits for 20 years. This makes it great for cocktails as well, such as a gin fizz or Tom Collins. That means you can get 25 botanical-spiked, two-ounce pours for the same price many might spend on a weekend bottle of wine. The odds are you probably have never heard of any of them. BeauFort is a “navy style” English gin. Country: Scotland Price: £44 ABV: 49% Buy online at Raven Spirits. There are eight of them. Launched in 2015 ‘the social distillery’ was formed to help create a sustainable economy for the small Hebridean Island and now employs over 30 locals. Gin is the fastest growing white spirits category in the world. The VJOP in the SipSmith name stands for “Very Junipery Over Proof.” Not only does this gin taste and put off an extra piney aroma, but it is also stronger than most gins. Simplicity is key with a classic gin martini: top-shelf gin and dry vermouth is all you really need. The world of gin is so much more than juniper. Average price: $29. I write about wines and spirits and the hidden corners of the world, Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images), EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice. Most gins are either a classic London dry gin or a slight variation. The International Wines & Spirits Competition (IWSC), one of the world’s most prestigious wine and spirits judging, just unveiled their choice for the world’s top gins. Its botanical recipe uses traditional ingredients, but is notable for also incorporating Danish carrots. Other botanicals include juniper, angelica root, lemon, lime peel and lavender. All rights reserved. There is no harsh bite or overly powerful flavors, which makes it a great liquor to experiment with as you open the door to the vast world of gins. It uses a whopping 47 botanicals — all picked from the Black Forest in Germany — to create a truly elevated tasting experience. Referred to by many in the industry as New Western Dry Gin, these bottles do contain juniper in their botanical bill — otherwise their producers wouldn’t legally be able to use the term gin — but the ingredient’s character is much more subtle. The extra juniper also gives a peppery finish that leaves a little heat in your mouth. The nose is lively, serving a burst of juniper, coriander, and citrus peel. Country: England Price: £35 ABV: 45% Buy online at Brentigny Gin. Average price: $38. Roku gin is the first gin to come from Japan’s Suntory distillery and it’s a triumph. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, juniper berries, coriander, angelica seed and root, cinnamon, cardamom, bitter orange and lemon peel, Juniper, Spicy Cubeb Berries, Black Pepper, Coriander, Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Liquorice, Elderflower, Juniper, Liquorice, Angelica Root, Bitter Almond, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Amazon Black Friday deals UK 2020: All the best deals on now, Oppo rolling, expandable phone makes Samsung Galaxy Z Flip look OLD, The best whisky 2020 (or whiskey if you're after an Irish), The best beers 2020: ales, lagers and wheat beers, The best tequila 2020: a spirit for every budget, Best vape 2020: vape pens and e-cigarettes for the discerning vapeur, Best E liquid 2020: set the vape juice loose, The best bourbons 2020: old Kentucky's finest for juleps, old fashioneds, or just on the rocks, The best vodka 2020: 10 vodkas we recommend, The top 5 best drinks cabinets: store your spirits and show off your style. I also earned the Diploma in Wines and Spirits from the WSET. I regularly get asked about my favourite gin. The clue is in the ingredients; this is a warm and spicy gin that works well mixed with tonic or ginger ale and makes a great choice for winter drinking. After the distilling process is completed, water is added to reduce the alcoholic content and flavor profile. The citrus continues on the palate and is met by intense pine notes. A plump jammy nose is met with fresh and concentrated flavours. This is a remarkably smooth-drinking gin, despite clocking in at 47 percent ABV. Another one from Edinburgh and a relative newcomer to the market, Lind & Lime was launched in November 2018. The gin will be available at or at Royal Collection Trust shops. This gin is every bit as complex and interesting as the distillery’s standard Schwarzwald Dry, but the addition of mace lends a spiced, slightly sweeter flavor. This is a bartender’s secret gin weapon, and one we highly recommend adding to your liquor cabinet. Try this Monkey 47. William Chase Gin is one of the most expensive gins on the list, but the quality of its taste is exquisite. While the nose is subtle, the palate is dense, with yuzu flavors leading the way. The “Ginskey” name is a contraction of the words gin and whiskey. Tanqueray No. Round, luxurious and creamy with a fantastic palate. Launching their first gin in August 2019, Tobermory Distillery can draw on over 200 years of distilling experience. The Edinburgh native played an early role in the prevention of scurvy amongst sailors with his observations on the effects of eating citrus fruits. Country: Scotland Price: £39 ABV: 45% Buy online at Craft56. Then there are the warmer, spicier flavours that work fantastically with or without tonic and offer different and unusual flavours to the norm for anyone looking for a something a little 'out there'. It’s a step up from the basic gin brands, but it’s still not too expensive. They also donate money to plant trees and to the conservation of bees – what’s not to like? Wyvern is a type of dragon that doesn’t belch fire. 1. Called Beefeater 24 because the botanicals are steeped in the spirit for a 24 hours, this gin is a fragrant one. Understanding why Gin has gotten more popular is pretty simple: it’s delicious and unique. So, a distiller can make gin and sell it front and center while he or she shelves some barrels of liquor for a couple years to add brown spirits to the family. Average price: $38. Hrafn Valhalla is the sister expression to Thought & Memory. Instead, the botanicals are suspended in a basket in the still, above the base. Bold, bright citrus flavours stand out on the nose, supported by floral notes and hints of earth spice and sweetness. Average price: $38. Sarah-Jane Butcher Loch & Union is delicate but has a good concentration of flavor and serves the lightest seasoning of spice. Richly textured flavors of grainy cereals, cream soda, brown sugar and ginger spices with lingering smoke flowing through a finish of juniper and pine. Another gin that’s crafted for cocktails, New York distillery The Vale Fox worked with esteemed bartenders Gary (Gaz) Regan, Leo Robitschek, and Jeffery Morganthaler to create this product. If you feel like taking the cocktail to another level, add a tiny bit of absinthe to the mixture. The nose delivers an intense mix of herbs, fruit, and spices, while the palate is full-bodied and lively, with a clean, lengthy finish. This Icelandic gin is hard to come by but it’s a bonafide bargain if you can pick up a bottle. The palate is grainy with a vibrant citrus finish. A post shared by Elephant Gin (@elephantgin) on Mar 18, 2019 at 5:45am PDT A much more powerful gin than the rest of the gin from the Elephant Gin, its botanicals focus around juniper, orange peel, mountain pine and African buchu with its blackurrant-like flavour profile. Bloom's sweetness makes it perfect for adding to a Gin Fizz or indeed for making a classic Gin and Tonic. Ten, named from the small-batch still “number 10” that it comes from. It’s literally two ingredients: tonic water and gin. Monterey Distillery, Helford River, Monterey Gin, 43% ABV. The refined aromas belie a powerful, spicy palate. This eventually leads to a mild, lemony taste that shows up and leaves quickly. Japanese liquor of all kinds (especially Japenese whisky) are taking the States by storm. Before we jump into the world of gin, find out more about the terminology you should know about gin … This is for those who can’t get enough of the pine. If you’re from or are visiting Ireland, you’re in luck, as it’s sadly the only country in which you can purchase the moreish Chinnery Gin (for now…). This brand has been around for years and is renowned for it's small batch production method. If you are trying to find something new and unusual but don’t like the sound of Opihr's earthy taste, then give Jinzu Gin a go. See our full list of the 30 best gins for 2020 now! An eclectic combination to be sure, then again, the state of the world would drive anyone to drink. Slingsby Marmalade Gin is a non-traditional gin crafted from botanicals sourced in the Harrogate area of North Yorkshire and, according to the producer, “complemented with zesty Yorkshire marmalade.” The result is a unique gin with an intense orange marmalade flavor. It’s not for everyone, but recently, more and more people are coming around to the sharp, effervescent flavor. Enthusiastically intense, pronounced and expressive. The world of gin is so much more than juniper. The trees were imported from Monterey California where they are native. Steeping and infusion are the two most popular ways, but they aren’t the only ways to make gin. Plymouth Gin is a popular spirit for making gin cocktails because its fruity tasting notes along with its ever-so mild bite go well in just about any mixing application. And this gin by Four Pillars certainly lives up to the Navy Strength label. A nod to the city’s history with gin, in particular, the Port of Leith, it takes its name from James Lind. Gunpowder tea is a traditional UK blend known for its powerful flavor. Four Pillars is another distillery that oozes innovation. … Be careful though, not because you’ll hallucinate, but because absinthe has a distinct flavor that can quickly ruin this delightful cocktail if too much is added. Average price: $18. Distilled using an apple base spirit and 11 botanicals, this gin has a rich nose and full-bodied palate. Between 2013 – 2017 Hernö was the most awarded gin in Europe with its Old Tom winning best gin at the World Gin Awards twice. T3 is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Following an extensive tasting of more than 50 bottles for VinePair’s annual gin roundup, we can confidently say there’s never been a better time to be a gin enthusiast. Average price: $35. If you don’t like juniper, this is a great introduction to gin, with Japanese botanicals like yuzu, sakura flower, and sencha tea taking center stage. One reviewer said it was like a punch to the mouth (the good kind) with juniper, pepper, flowers and Monkey’s secret weapon: lingonberries. Though distilled from apples, its flavors skew closer to pears and grapes, making it a great option for spritz cocktails and French 75s. The best value gin of 2020: Bombay Sapphire. Tarquin’s Handcrafted Cornish Dry Gin. Bottles of various gin brands seen displayed at the Duty Free Store in Porto airport. 10 Best Gins To Try in 2020. Opihr is a very different type of gin, made with botanicals from places such as Morocco and Indonesia. Beaufort’s gin is infused with smoked oak and hickory along with “Szechuan and pink peppers and citrus oils” to create the impression, according to the distillery, of what the smoldering gunpowder used to test spirit might have smelled like. Country: England Price: £49.90 ABV: 49% Buy at Gin Kiosk. Average price: $37. As a result, it’s often overlooked. If you are into your gin or know someone who is, you'll want to get a bottle of this just to say you've tried it. Leading the charge of “craft” Japanese distillers, the Kyoto Distillery offers a delightfully floral, citrus-forward gin. If you think that Bloom sounds sweet then this twist on the classic Beefeater Gin might not be for you, but if you are looking for a gin with a bit of depth and richness, this is one to add to your collection. This gin looks and smells like a perfume in the best possible way. This gin is then finished in oak barrels, and the final result is a bold 109-proof gin. The palate offers a strong foundation for spritz cocktails, like a French 75 with rosé Champagne. Average price: $33. In a crazy mix of gin popularity and abundance between 1720 and 1750, the gin craze was born, and almost ripped apart London. While I’ve picked out the London Dry, it could’ve been any of them! It’s a beautiful smooth gin with deliciously distinctive aromas and flavours and really helps transport you to the coastal north of Scotland where Dunnet Bay Distillers call home. To really class things up, it can be garnished with a cucumber wheel on the edge of the glass. Ginskey Gin is a contemporary style American gin that is matured in barrels of virgin American oak for two years. A favorite among bartenders and gin enthusiasts, Sipmsith smells like a fistful of crushed, fresh juniper berries, mixed with lemon peel and cracked black pepper. Beefeater has used this process of distilling for roughly 200 years. The best gin 2020: our pick of the top tipples. Other botanicals include juniper, tea, heather, elderflower and sweet orange peel. Bottled at 57 percent ABV, this navy-strength gin benefits from a good chilling to tame its wild character. Whether you’re new to gin or looking for a better go-to bottle, Hendrick’s is a great option. Twitter; ... Japanese whisky is a hot spirits category at the moment, but Beam Suntory, the main player in that world, also happens to make a very good gin … The bottle is something to enjoy, too: it’s hexagonal, embossed with the six Japanese botanicals with a label printed on washi paper.

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