Biographical Information Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Raven has a strong will and is not afraid to break the rules. Clarke then finds an RC car and asks Raven if it would work. Emerson then closes the airlock and Raven starts to suffocate with the others. They get inside, only to find that there's no one on the ship. Several Trikru warriors including Tris300 Grounders at the CampIce Nation assassinHannah Green (consciousness; alongside Monty Green)A.L.I.E. She claims she would have won her conclave if she hadn't fled. In the Command Center, Clarke and Bellamy respond by irradiating Level 5, leading to the death of all Mount Weather residents, and the survival of the Sky People, including Raven. After that experience, Raven is willing to do anything to bring this to an end. In Unity Day, Raven watches on as Jaha makes a speech about Unity Day, and how the people of the Ark will be finally going home. Murphy feels extreme sympathy and apologizes deeply for shooting her and disabling her. Moreover, she does not wish to be Commander because that is connected to violence. They are caught by the Mountain Men and Raven is once again tortured when they begin harvesting her bone marrow. I kind of love the insane crackpot ships people come up with. First Appearance Stabbed in the stomach from behind (during Final Conclave) Abby asks Raven to do the spacewalk required to complete the spacewalk but Raven refuses. Through Raven, A.L.I.E. Later, after the Sky People arrive at the drop ship, Raven tells Abby that Clarke is gone and Abby leaves a message for Clarke on the drop ship before they leave the drop ship to meet up with the other Ark survivors at Camp Jaha. Raven then leaves for the Mess Hall to speak with Nygel, the woman in charge of the black market on board the Ark. Once they arrive on Becca's Island, Raven is irritated by Murphy and calls him a dick. The new serum turns a young man named Gavin into a Nightblood to become the host for Marcus Kane. After that however, Clarke refuses to leave Raven and they arrive to Becca's lab convincing Raven to get the rocket ready and she replies "That deathwave can kiss my ass.". She tries to communicate with the Ark but is unsuccessful because of the power shutdown. Unnamed mother† (mentioned)Finn Collins† (ex-boyfriend)Miles Shaw† (ex-boyfriend)Spacekru (chosen family)Jacapo Sinclair† (father figure)Abigail Griffin† (mother figure)Clarke Griffin (declared family)Echo (declared sister) The lights go off and Raven runs to the rover. The plan works out and no one suspects that Raven is working with Shaw. Later on, Sinclair and Becca are arguing over what decision Raven should take, pain or life, she turns to Sinclair, announces that she chooses life and they begin planning the method to cure her brain damage. It doesn’t, after taking the chip he goes to Luna and starts to torture her. In The Four Horsemen, Luna and several of her people arrive at Arkadia affected with radiation poisoning. During the season, she primarily stays out of sight working in a machine shop and exploring Sanctum. Raven continues learning about the ship and its history. Clarke states that that's not true, but Raven admits that she is haunted by the Eligius prisoners that she sent to their deaths in the nuclear reactor and the eight Disciples she killed later that night causing Raven to "feel like my soul is cracked open" while Clarke just continues on despite everything that has happened to her and everything that she is done. In A Lie Guarded, Raven leaves Arkadia with Jackson, Abby, Murphy, Emori, Luna, Miller, and a couple Guards. Callie and her followers later depart, taking enough Nightblood with them to save 2,000 more people. She keeps refusing, and Eric can’t stand seeing her like that so he volunteers to take a chip thinking it would stop. Clarke: In peace may you leave the shore. Luna was raised by the Flamekeeper Titus in Polis, alongside the other Nightblood children including Lexa. Little Bird (by Nygel)Reyes (by Sinclair, Murphy and Sheidheda)Ms. However, it was only successful so long as Ontari's blood continued to circulate through Clarke's body, requiring Abby to open Ontari's chest so that Murphy could manually pump her heart and keep it beating when Clarke's condition deteriorated. So, McCreary orders his men back to the gorge to massacre Wonkru. Jasper calls for Bellamy and the others and Raven growls to be let go. Jaha says that they need to get more people to join the City of Light but Raven says that they can't, as Pike has confiscated their chip maker. Raven quickly manages to hack the ship's system and steal enough fuel to send them back to the ground. The crew is greeted by three hostile Ice Nation warriors. In the first round, Luna was matched up against her brother and she killed him. Meanwhile, Abby and Raven have taken cover in a tent from the Acid Fog as Raven attempts to get a radio signal. She tells Murphy to leave before she reveals to Clarke that she figured out why they had not heard from any of the other Stations: Mount Weather has been jamming their signals. But when they are ambushed by McCreary's henchmen, Shaw comes in to help them fight. She runs into Ryker who admits that he doesn't care much about the celebrations either. Raven stops Jasper and returns his goggles. She was matched up against, Luna was forced to kill numerous of her own people, after, Revealed by Hilker herself at Survival Con in 2016, Luna was originally supposed to have been. She also works to remove Sheidheda from the Flame permanently, which she successfully did. In A Lie Guarded, she goes to Becca's Island with Abby's group to help them research Nightblood. Once on Earth, Raven builds a radio that allows the Delinquents to make contact with the Ark. Bellamy insists that Raven stay in the car but she refuses, and Octavia comments that they need everyone they can get. Jackson comes in on Abby's telecommunication device and asks if she stole morphine. Finn tells Clarke he should have told her about Raven. That's what you do when you are excited about an idea. Raven was Luna's reminder that there was still good in the world, people worth saving. However, later, after he saves her life, she thanks him. In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Raven is in the process of building the landmines and planting them around camp, as well as making bombs. She asks them about the dropship launching and Red tells her that an accident during routine maintenance caused them to eject it. Lexa (The 100) Luna (The 100) Lincoln (The 100) Roan (The 100) Raven Reyes; Anya (The 100) Octavia Blake; Niylah (The 100) Ontari (The 100) Loss of Virginity; Healing; Drugs; Underage Sex; Underage Drinking; G!P Clarke; Girl Penis Clarke; Intersex clarke; Hurt/Comfort; Nerd Lexa; baby gay lexa; alternative clarke; Smut; Angst; Summary. In Wanheda (Part 1), Raven finishes working on the rover that Bellamy plans to take on a mapping mission and slides out from underneath it. The Last War. Finn arrives and calls out to her. The car stops and Clarke is standing in front. If they try to take it out she might die from the surgery because they have no anesthesia but if they leave the bullet in, she might never be able to walk again. After using the device, Raven slumps and is unconscious. While most of the others are excited and relieved, Raven struggles to deal with her emotions. When she asks why he is helping her, he says, "I don't want to die alone." In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Jasper, Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia return to Arkadia. Not only is she upset about Monty and Harper's deaths, but she is also angry at Clarke and Abby who betrayed and tortured her. A.L.I.E. In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Jasper still has Harper and is using her to threaten Monty and Raven. When the Grounder Bellamy captured refuses to tell them the antidote, Raven electrocutes him with wiring from the dropship. Murphy and Emori attempt to help Raven to Medical, but she rejects their help as she sits and cries. The 100 Luna The 100 Raven Nadia Hilker Lincoln And Octavia Tv Couples Clexa Bellarke We Meet Again Tv Series. A manifestation of the AI shows Clarke a memory of Clarke removing the mesh from Raven's mind with the EMP device and warns that if Josephine finds it, the Primes can use it to get rid of Clarke for good. Although Clarke ignores it at first, Raven begins reminding her of the deaths of Wells, Finn, Jake Griffin, and Lexa, claiming they are her fault. Echo says that Murphy mentioned that Raven had a person on the inside, Shaw, and asks Raven if they can trust him. Lexa tells her warriors that it is done and keeps them from attacking. The serum allows him to quickly recover from the radiation, but Bill Cadogan rejects it in favor of going to another world through the Temporal Anomaly. However she agrees to go with Bellamy, Echo and Octavia to fly the dropship into Sanctum. Notable Nightbloods (by birth) Clarke wakes up and Finn tells her he thought she was dead because of him. She is portrayed by starring cast member Lindsey Morgan and debuts in "Earth Skills".. She is interrupted when Murphy holds Jasper, and later Bellamy, hostage in the dropship and has to find a way to open the door. In The Flock, one of Nikki's demands after taking hostages is that Raven turn herself over so that Nikki can exact her revenge for Hatch's death. The next day, Wick carries Raven into Camp Jaha as they return with the rest of the Sky People. I only started the series a little over a year ago, with zero background information, and I picked up serious chemistry between Bellamy and Clarke from the first episode. Bellamy asks after Octavia and Clarke lies that she's not there anymore. Lexa: You were right, Clarke. She successfully accomplishes the task just in time to prevent the drones from attacking Abby. has been stopped and looks relieved. Bellamy takes that to mean they are giving Finn up so Bellamy goes looking for Finn to help him escape. Before leaving, Callie injects her brother Reese and states that they have enough serum left to give Nightblood to 2,000 more people. Raven demands to know where her radio is and Bellamy tells her he should have killed her when he had the chance. Ordering the others to have their weapons ready as they don't know what's waiting for them on the other side, Clarke leads her friends through the Anomaly. In Sleeping Giants, Raven gets a closer look of the ship and figures out that it's the Eligius IV mining ship. Crying, Raven admits that she could've welded the reactor pipes herself but she was too scared to do it and instead sent Hatch and his people to die. Raven brushes off Jordan's questions about the creature as she examines her damaged helmet, but Niylah discovers that the tunnel opening has suddenly sealed behind them, preventing the group from retreating to the surface. She kills at least two other champions, including Guara, before killing Roan and right afterward goes and searches for Octavia she is stabbed and killed by her. After the meltdown is averted, Murphy and Raven remove the bodies to the machine shop. Raven challenges him to do it and he shoves her up against a tree as she pulls a knife on him and asks again where her radio is. Raven and Sinclair are close friends and used to be co-workers on the Ark. Raven is relieved. As Hatch calls for more nitrogen, Raven sends Murphy to bring it to Hatch then locks Murphy in with Hatch to force Murphy to help fix the problem, relying on his sense of self-preservation. In "The Other Side", Raven volunteers to perform the required spacewalk to complete the serum. Jasper eventually finds the chip maker and A.L.I.E tells Raven to take it, but Raven ignores her and resists. 2.0 (terminated)Hatch (indirectly caused)3 Eligius Prisoners (indirectly caused)7 DisciplesCaptain Meredith As more creatures are heard approaching, Raven finally manages to bring the star map into focus and finds the symbol for the correct planet. Later, Jackson and Abby are going over the data from the wristbands when Abby catches Raven eavesdropping from the air ducts. A.L.I.E. He angrily gives her the chip asking her if that's what she wants. Luna calms Raven after an episode of anger, preventing Raven from having another seizure. is trying to get Clarke out and Jasper says that as Clarke has gone in with the flame it has updated A.L.I.E. Ryker figures out that Raven knows and asks her about it. Raven then has Wick shut down the electricity to that area of the fence and Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke head out into the woods.

the 100 luna and raven

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